Achieve The Good Life

We value education, and it shows. Nebraska’s excellent k-12 school systems and high-quality but affordable post-secondary schools have earned us the title of 6th Best State in the Nation for Education by CNBC and U.S. News. Whether you’re college bound or raising a family, Nebraska will make a great home for your backpacks and books.

Early Childhood Education

It’s never too early to learn. In Nebraska, we want every child to experience quality early education and care. It keeps parents working and our state’s economy booming. Quality child care is more than just playing with blocks – it’s the building block for future success in school and life

K-12 Education

Teacher’s pets? We’ll own it. We’re proud of our outstanding public, private and parochial schools. In fact, Nebraska ranks as one of America’s top 10 states for Pre-K to 12th grade education, and our 94% high school graduation rate is first in the nation. Nebraska students also score above the national average on tests for math, science and reading proficiency.

Higher Education

Ready to level-up your game? In Nebraska, students can choose between an acclaimed public university, a world-class medical research center, nine state and community colleges, 20 independent colleges and universities …. We could go on. It’s no surprise we’re the #7 state in America for higher education according to U.S. News. Say hello to your cap and gown.

Vocational Training

Whether you’re not looking for a four-year degree, or just want to dive head-first into your chosen career path, Nebraska’s got you covered. Pick from one of our top-notch vocational schools, or connect with one of our best-in-class job training and apprenticeship programs. Then, start your own business or hop into an economy boasting one of the nation’s lowest unemployment rates.