Madeline Sullivan

Nebraska is anything but a flyover state for Madeline Sullivan. She was born in Omaha, raised in Omaha and even attended college in Omaha. When she graduated with a degree in aviation, though, she was ready to take flight.

Her interest in transportation policy brought her to Washington, D.C., where she worked for Senator Deb Fischer as a transportation intern. She worked with the legislative staff on transportation issues like shipping and railroads and wrote summaries for the senator about issues currently being addressed by the senate.

After five months of the big city, she was ready to come home to the Big O to be back with her family and friends.

“I had lived in Omaha my entire life, so leaving was a bit difficult for me because I really love it,” Madeline said. “While I was in D.C., I realized that D.C. definitely wasn’t the place I wanted to be.”

While still living in D.C., she interviewed with Jet Linx, a membership-based private jet company located in Omaha. Madeline had interned at the company while on the flight team at the University of Nebraska Omaha.

“I had a really good connection with them,” she said.

Madeline is currently a fleet optimization specialist at Jet Linx, where she works with their customer service team and operators to schedule flights for their members.

Madeline loves the wide-open spaces Nebraska affords its residents. Some days she’ll just get in her car and drive—or even get in a plane and fly. Since getting her pilot’s license at 18, Madeline has logged more than 100 hours of flight time. For her, Nebraska isn’t in the middle of nowhere, it’s the middle of everywhere.

“Since Omaha has always been my home base, it’s always been a place I’ve set my roots and I can just do my traveling from there,” Madeline said. “It’s a good place to be, and leave from, and then come back to.”