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Ainsworth Child Development Center: A Beacon of Hope in Rural Nebraska

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A new non-profit child development facility will launch at the end of the year in the middle of Ainsworth, Nebraska. The Ainsworth Child Development Center seeks to offer a loving and educational environment for young families in the region, driven by a devoted, all-women board. Its launch exemplifies the tenacity and resilience of rural Nebraska. 

The COVID-19 epidemic forced the closure of a number of in-home daycare facilities, creating a problem for north central Nebraska. Haley Miles was one of the women who realized the region needed dependable daycare. She cited her own motherhood experiences as the source of her motivation to take action, saying, “I know how important it is for families to have reliable childcare that they can count on so they can work to provide for their families and also to recruit more young people to careers in our rural area.”

Due to its location, the variety of expert viewpoints represented on its board, and the flexibility it provides families, the Ainsworth Child Development Center is anticipated to be a valuable addition to the community. The facility is meeting a significant local need. It will be the only non-profit childcare center in the northern sandhills vicinity.

Haley Miles believes that Nebraska is a great place for families with small children. She and her husband returned to their hometown to raise their family because they valued the welcoming feeling of the community and the chances for business expansion. “It takes a village, you know, and in rural Nebraska, that is still true” says Haley, highlighting the cooperative nature of raising a family. 

The Ainsworth Child Development Center strives to meet the needs of children from all backgrounds and offers high-quality childcare and education. Haley talked about the center’s dedication to including every child that walks through the door and making sure that assistance is provided for kids with special needs and learning impairments. With consideration for 10 percent of the Latino community, the board is also working to engage the growing Latino community in the area and is investing in a dual language curriculum in hopes of supporting ELL learners. One board member, Ana Garcia, has been a huge resource in engaging the Latino community. Ana is very active in the community doing everything from hosting fundraisers to translating materials, and even leading a summer ELL student group.

Miles emphasized the value of committed collaboration with parents and families in raising children. The center wants to establish a feedback loop with parents by giving them access to their child’s daily learning experiences and partnering in their development.

Haley and the board focus on a prosperous future for the Brown County area as the center continues its building and fundraising initiatives. They are committed to forming enduring relationships with families and promoting the development of the kids they work with. The community can anticipate an exciting and stimulating environment for their early-aged children with the launch of the Ainsworth Child Development Center.

To help support the cause of a bright future for children and families, visit the Ainsworth Child Development Center website: 


Ainsworth Child Development Center Website