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The Arbor Day Foundation: Planting for the Future of the Planet

By April 25, 2024No Comments

Rooted in Nebraska since 1972, the Arbor Day Foundation’s influence has branched out across the globe. The Foundation has helped plant over 500 million trees since its inception, enriching neighborhoods and forests in more than 50 countries. By empowering local communities with the knowledge and resources to strengthen their natural resources, it is working to create a more sustainable future.  

The Arbor Day Foundation’s power lies in its extensive network of partners. Strategically planting the right trees in the right locations, the Foundation maximizes its impact with the help of individuals, municipalities, corporations, and planting organizations.    

Known primarily for tree planting, the Arbor Day Foundation has a variety of initiatives to improve air and water quality and provide habitat for wildlife. Its noble endeavors energize the organization’s people and partners.  

“Our team in Lincoln, Nebraska City, the State of Tennessee, and remote across the United States come to work daily to elevate our mission—to inspire people to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees,” said Taylor Barnes, a recruiter at the Arbor Day Foundation. “We are doing purpose-driven work. Knowing I get to go home to my family, and they know what mom does for work, is pretty inspiring.”  

The Foundation is supporting tree recovery in two Nebraska communities struck by natural disaster. In 2014, destructive tornadoes tore through Beaver Crossing and Pilger, destroying hundreds of trees. Donations to the Foundation have assisted tree restoration efforts as both communities engage in long-term recovery from the storms. The Foundation has numerous other activities going on statewide to enrich landscapes, restore ecosystems, and improve quality of life. 

“In Nebraska, you can get involved by joining our Tree City and Tree Campus programs, volunteering to nurture trees, planting a tree at home, honoring someone by planting a tree on their behalf, or joining the Foundation on our journey to plant 500 million more trees,” Taylor shared. “In the next few days, you can celebrate with us at Arbor Day LNK in Lincoln or Nebraska City.”  

To celebrate the Arbor Day holiday, the Arbor Day Foundation organizes local events like the Arbor Day LNK Festival on April 28. The festival features educational activities, live music, fun activities, and food trucks—all made possible by collaboration between the Foundation and local organizations.    

Arbor Lodge is celebrating Arbor Day weekend (April 26-28) with free admission, family activities, orchard tours, and more. Individuals can enjoy various activities, from wine tastings to yoga sessions, during a weekend filled with fun for all ages.  

The Arbor Day Foundation invites Nebraskans to join their mission to cultivate, nurture, and celebrate trees. Whether by volunteering, becoming a member, or attending an Arbor Day event, there numerous ways to get involved.   

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